Woah Nellie Pinball


Whoa Nellie! Released by Stern in 2015

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  • Flippers (2)
  • Pop bumpers (4)
  • Passive bumper (1)
  • Slingshots (2)
  • Star rollovers (8)
  • Bullseye targets (2)
  •  Kick-out hole(1)
  • Free ball return lane
  • Plunger skill shot
  • Has speech
  • Each of the four players uses the same four electro-mechanical score reels
  • Each of the top four lanes lights a pop bumper
  • The apron has a small LCD used in attractmode to display the replay value to beat

The backglass is an actual glass and not a translite. The cabinet is a weathered fruit crate design. Instead of standard pinball legs, the game rests on a "fruit crate" base. To finely adjust the playfield angle, crushed beer cans branded Whoa Nellie! are included with the game to place between the cabinet and the crate, or owners can use their own beer cans. Included with each game is a standard set of powder-coated metal legs.

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*Pictures are not of actual machine.