These are just a few of the pieces we have worked on over the years.

1946 AMI Model A "Mother of Plastic"

Converted from playing 78 rpm records to a Touch Tunes Digital Downloader Jukebox.

Top: Watling Rol-A-Top

Left: Mills Liberty Bell Right: Jennings Standard Chief

We refinished the cabinet on this Seeburg 100C. New mirrors, casters, and title strips.  Cleaned and polished all the metal trim and the mirrored tubes of the speaker grill area.

AMI Model C

1950 Exhibit Supply Co  Playland!

We cleaned the outside of the cabinet, raised 7+ inserts on the playfield, installed mylar on the backglass to keep it from flaking paint off, and went through all the electro-mechanical bits inside.

1950 ESCO Playland!

This is a 1930's Kicker and Catcher.

Other than new front glass the machine is orignal.  We cleaned the cabinet, inside play areas, polished the controls and coin mech.