Galaga and Pac-Man 60 in 1


Galaga 60 in 1

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This newly manufactured full size arcade cabinet has your choice of Galaga or Pac-Man style graphics.

Price $2195.00

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Centipede     *Congo Bongo     *Crush Roller     *Dig Dug     *Dig Dug 2
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*Galaga     *Galaga 3     *Galaxian     *Gun Smoke     *Gyruss
*Hustler     *Jr. Pac-Man      *Jr. Pac-Man (Fast Mode)     *Jumping Jack
*Juno First     *King and Balloon     *Ladybug     *Mappy     *Millipede
*Moon Cresta     *Mr. Do     *Mr. Do’s Castle     *Ms. Pac-Man     *Ms. Pac-Man (Fast mode)
*New Rally X       *Pac-Man     *Pac-Man (Fast Mode)     *Pac-Man Plus
*Pac-Man Plus (Fast mode)    
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*Pooyan     *Qix     *Scramble     *Shao-Lin’s Road      *Space Invaders
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