Family Guy Bowling


Family Guy Bowling

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Giggity giggity giggity!!!
Come and get your Family Guy bowling!!!!

America's favorite family is now featured in this new and exciting bowling arcade game!
Play with upto 4 players and choose from one of the hit show's eight more popular characters. It even shows clips from the show in the beginning and end of each game. It's loaded with tons of game options, including local tournament features that can include up to eight players.

  • Choose from 8 of your favorite family guy characters
    Peter, Lois, Brian, Chris, Cleveland, Meg, Stewie, or Quagmire.

  • Play 1 to 4 players, regular game or select tournament play for 4 to 8 player competition!

  • This game has all of the excitement of REAL bowling, including red pin challenge, beer frame, perfect game, and Club 300 features!

Base Price Includes: Family Guy Playing Console / Cabinet

Optional Components

  • LCD Stand
  • LED Family Guy Marquis 
  • 55" LCD 4K HD Television

Contact us for price and more details! 515-292-2997